GTP (No-walk Picking)

Products are delivered to workers for picking instead workers having to waste time walking to pick
items with this GTP (Goods To Person: No-Walk Picking) system.


Productivity Improvement
Productivity Improvement
  • With GTP, your workers go from walking, finding, picking, and placing process to one where they only have to pick the item and place it in an order bin, drastically improving picking productivity.
Supports Social Distancing
Supports Social Distancing
  • With no-walk picking, workers do not come into contact with each other and can maintain social distance.
Space Saving
Space Saving
  • Effective use of the space above the racks that was wasted.
  • Compared to conventional GTP, complicated conveyors are not required so the footprint is about 40% of conventional GTP applications in addition to the 15% reduction in equipment cost.

GTP Indicate pick quantity → Confirm pick bay → Input pick quantityGTP Indicate pick quantity → Confirm pick bay → Input pick quantity


A method of arranging totes in a aisle before sending to a pick station.

RapidPass (inter-aisle transfer) eliminates the need for buffering space for high-speed syncing, and with GP3 you further eliminate space required for packaging for better use of space.


Efficient Use of Space

Toyo Kanetsu's GTP
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