Predictive Maintenance Service

Achieve non-stop logistics operations by going a step beyond "preventive maintenance" to "predictive maintenance".

Today's increasingly technologically sophisticated equipment enables AI to reliably predict potential issues, giving you the ability to proactively address a failure before it has a major impact on operations.

Predictive maintenance achieves non-stop logistics operations.

Achieve non-stop logistics operations with predictive maintenance.

Conventional Preventive Maintenance Predictive Maintenance
Regular Inspection Work Done Manually Automated by the system
Inspection Method Lines had to stop to perform inspections No line-stop required, continuous monitoring
Evaluation Criteria Difficult to assess suspect parts without data Uses machine learning with concrete vibration, temperature and noise data
Accuracy Quality of maintenance outcomes depends on the judgment and experience of service technician Improved accuracy based on quantitative AI data analytics
Quality of Work Part replacement workmanship depended on a manual checklist Sensors detect minor defects in workmanship
Sudden Machine Trouble Sudden machine trouble depended on the inspection cycle With continuous monitoring, sudden machine trouble is zero

Predictive Maintenance System

Predictive Maintenance System

Overlooking subtle changes in vibration of equipment is not an option!
Fluctuations in data are analyzed by AI to signify potential failures and issue an alert.

Predicting Abnormal Conditions and Equipment Failure

Predicting Abnormal Conditions and Equipment Failure

We offer the following service contracts.

Product Plan

  • Can be purchased as a standard plan.
  • The longer you use the plan, the better the cost performance over time.

Subscription Plan

  • No up-front cost required.
  • There is a fixed, monthly payment.

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