AutoStore Develops Router Software, Improving Throughput by 4 Times


AutoStore developed and released new Router Software, improving throughput by 4 times over previous version. TKSL is an AutoStore distributor in Japan.
Router constantly calculates the most efficient path for robots to move in real time, allowing for highly optimized robot allocation and routing for an increase in robot productivity of over 40% compared to earlier versions.
Moreover, since the robot routing is controlled in real time, it is possible to increase the number of robots and realize 4 times the throughput of the system.
By using Router with the AutoStore System, you can not only minimize warehouse space, but you can drastically decrease labor.

What is AutoStore?

AutoStore is an ultra-high density, Automated Storage and Retrieval Storage System in which robots deliver containers to workstations for picking. With its overwhelming storage efficiency, Autostore is redefining logistics and warehouse operations around the world.
Toyo Kanetsu started selling the AutoStore in 2018, along with our full-line GTP (Goods-To-Person: No-Walk Picking) system, combining the AutoStore high density storage with a high speed Multi-Shuttle System for storage and retrieval.

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