Founded as Toyo Kanetsu Kogyo K.K.


Yokohama Conveyor Plant opened, and started manufacturing and sales of Toyo Conveyor.

Yokohama Conveyor Plant opened, and started manufacturing and sales of Toyo Conveyor.



Technical tie-up with Rapistan, USA


Delivered Japan's first sortation system to Toyota Motor Corporation, Kasuga Warehouse.



Delivered Japan's largest sortation system with 129 chutes to Seiyu Store Fuchu Distribution Center.


Delivered BHS (Baggage Handling System) to New Tokyo International Airport (Narita Airport).


Delivered Japan's first high-speed sorter (sorting capacity of 7,400 cases per hour x 2 systems) to Ito-Yokado Saitama Center.


Expanded into overseas markets by delivering a BHS to Manila International Airport (Philippines) and Singapore Changi Airport (Singapore).

Developed and delivered Japan's first digital picking system, the Pick Director, for a major toy manufacturer in Japan.

ピックディレクターシステム 当社導入例.png
Case Study


Completed development, engineering, and integration of the largest, mass-retailer distribution center which used emerging digital technologies and data systems. (Nada Kobe Co-op, Kanagawa Co-op)

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Technical tie-up with Alvey from the United States to introduce the company's palletizer system.


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Developed and delivered the world's first cleanroom-compatible robotic stacker crane (US IBM).

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Delivered Max Sorter, the largest automatic sorting system in Asia, to Chukyo Sagawa Express's Komaki Distribution Center.


Delivered various food manufacturing and packaging solutions to Japan's first, full-scale comprehensive food processing center (Co-op Citizens' Co-op Sapporo Ishikari Plant).


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Designed and completed an automated storage and retrieval system for Japan Airlines (Japan Airlines Haneda Facility).


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Acquired exclusive sales rights for hanger sorters in Japan from Promech in the Netherlands, and entered into logistics for the apparel industry.


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Delivered the main material handling equipment (case sorting machine, automatic case transfer machine, etc.) to the world's most advanced post office, Shin-Tokyo Post Office.


Established TKK Service System Co., Ltd. (100% subsidiary of Toyo Kanetsu K.K.)

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Delivered BHS to New Tokyo International Airport (Narita Airport), Terminal 2.


Delivered BHS and air cargo equipment for use in a passenger terminal on the west side of Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport).

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Delivered the world's first ultra-high speed sorting machine using electromagnetic switching technology, and the New Posi-Sorter (Seiyu Fuchu Center, Daiei Logistics Systems Yokohama RDC, etc.).


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Acquired exclusive distributor rights in Japan for sales of automatic picking machines from Austrian company, PEEM.


Received an order from Coco's Japan for comprehensive engineering and development of a large-scale project including consultation on equipment but also design of the building.


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Designed and installed the world's first conveyor system for an auction distribution system and delivered to Kyushu Nikkan Botanical Co., Ltd. It received the Logistics Technology Grand Prize Award.

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Development and delivery of Mini Posi-Sorters for sortation of accessories.


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Designed and developed a fully automatic picking system for tobacco products (TS Network Co. in Tokyo, Chubu, Kansai, Kyushu).

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Developed a parallel sorter that reduced the running speed by 25% and significantly improved durability while maintaining the sorting capacity, and delivered it to Sagawa Express's large-scale truck terminal.

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Delivered one of the world's largest BHS to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (Malaysia).


Obtained ISO9001 certification.

Began Japan's first cross-industry alliance with IXI Technologies, a company known for its warehouse management system.


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Introduced advanced logistics systems into ASKUL, a large EC company in Japan. Jointly received the Grand Prize for Advancements in Logistics with Hitachi.


Company name changed from TKK Service System K.K. to K Techno K.K. 

Delivered a reconfigured logistics systems that included IT advancements to Co-op Kobe.
(Received the 2002 Award for Automatic Identification Systems jointly with Co-op Kobe).


Concluded a strategic business alliance with Siemens Dematic of Germany

Toyo Kanetsu K.K. Logistics Business Division was spun off to become Toyo Kanetsu Solutions K.K.


Reconfigured and upgraded the truck terminal using a new airless concept, a first in Japan.



Developed next-generation fulfillment system with a climbing sorter, and delivered it to the Japanese Consumers' Co-operative Union.

Delivered a BHS to Haneda Airport Terminal 2.


Delivered BHS to Chubu International Airport (domestic and international flights).


Opened RFID demonstration and testing facility "HP RFID Noisy Lab Japan" at Chiba Office.


Obtained ISO14001 certification.


Established "Kanetsu World" at Chiba Office to introduce new TKSL technologies.


Concluded a golden partner contract with Riva, Inc.

Set up partnership with C-NET Co., Ltd. for sales of voice recognition systems.


2009 soundhouse.jpg

Delivered the first Ecoloveyor® to Sound House.



Developed and delivered a high-speed, automatic storage/retrieval system based on use of multishuttles for use at major EC company.

Delivered a BHS and CHS (Cargo Handling Systems) to Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport).


Delivered an expanded/updated BHS system to Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport).


Completed renovations on the Wakayama Plant No. 1 done to improve quality levels and production capacity, and upgraded processing/painting equipment.

Established an alliance with Toyota Industries Corporation.


Merged the maintenance subsidiary K-Techno K.K. with TKSL.

2015 和歌山工場組立て棟.jpg

Wakayama Plant No. 2 renovations were completed with the goal of increasing production, as well as expanding floor space for assembly and storage.


Headquarters relocated on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Toyo Kanetsu K.K.

Delivered Japan's first multishuttle GTP (Goods-to-Person) to a major EC company.

Established an alliance with ISHIDA Co., Ltd.

Concluded a partnership contract with Jaroc Co., Ltd.



Began sales of AutoStore, a system that fulfills two roles: ultra-high density storage and high speed picking.

Obtained OHSAS18001: 2007 certification.


Reintegrated Toyo Kanetsu Solutions back into Toyo Kanetsu K.K.
Began operations under the name of Solutions Division.

2019 和歌山工場第3工場.jpg

Completed renovations of Wakayama No. 3 Plant with the purpose of increasing production capacity, and expanding assembly and storage area.

Obtained ISO45001: 2018 certification (migrated from OHSAS18001: 2007).
* With the issuance of ISO 45001: 2018, OHSAS18001: 2007 will be abolished (March 11, 2021).

Development and sales of Full-Line GTP, which provides unprecedented labor savings, and efficiency while maintaining social distance.


Introduced Japan's first counter-installed SBD (Self Bag-Drop) in Terminal 2 at Chubu International Airport.
Also installed a hybrid, facial recognition SBD system at Haneda International Airport, Terminal 2 and 3. (2020)


Developed and started sales of Predictive Maintenance Service that detects and predicts equipment failures using AI and IoT.


Introduced an AutoStore installation at Wakayama Plant No. 3 for the purpose of consolidating parts storage and improving warehousing efficiency.

Marked our first introduction of our Predictive Maintenance Service at a distribution center of a major precision equipment manufacturer.

Delivered the first AutoStore to Nippon Express.


Introduced a roller processing machine at Wakayama Plant No. 1 for the purpose of expanding production volume and shortening lead-time.


Established a partnership agreement with Rapyuta Robotics, Inc.

Established a distributorship agreement with Zhejiang Libiao Robots Co.

Established distributorship agreement with Modula S.P.A.


Opened satellite service centers in Tsurugashima, Nagareyama, and Atsugi to improve customer response time.

Acquired Scrum Software Inc. as a subsidiary.

Delivered the first Modula to Komatsu.

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