WMS Software

SCP: Supply Chain Planning (Demand Forecasting, Production Planning & Scheduling, Transportation Planning) SCE: Supply Chain Execution (Planning, Execution, Shipping)

WMS Solution and Service

The WMS plays central role in SCM (Supply Chain Management). Based on our extensive expertise in warehouse and logistics management, TKSL provides a warehouse management system that optimizes and visualizes important operational data, giving you actionable insights.

Host System/ERP/SCP

Why introduce a WMS?

  1. The WMS streamlines the entire warehouse operation from inbound receipts to outbound deliveries, and plays a key role in increasing efficiency and controlling costs.
  2. The WMS converts your operational activity into actionable data, giving you the ability to visualize, analyze and evaluate processes and performance. The data also provides keys to troubleshooting as well as giving you essential traceability of your operations.
  3. With real-time inventory management and location visibility, you can better plan physical inventory management to reduce waste and increase efficiency.
  4. Enhance your service level with better receiving and shipping accuracy.
  5. Because the WMS gives you better, more accurate data about your inventory, ordering accuracy improves, allowing you to decrease excess inventory.
With our full, cost effective WMS support, you will recognize stable operations from day 1.

Warehouse Management System

We combine our expertise in developing comprehensive warehouse and distribution centers with the WMS package to fully meet the needs of customers.

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