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Procedure from Introduction to Operation of the System

we support our customers from two phases, consulting and engineering.

Procedure from introduction to operation of the system

Consulting Phase (Requirement Definition)

Materials such as RFP (Request for Proposal) and requirement definition documents are needed at the planning stage of the project, and we, as a professional builder, advise customers how to prepare those materials.
We support our customers plan for their projects with constantly following their needs.

Content of works

  • Confirm customer’s requirements
  • Conduct our feasibility study
  • Present our concept
  • Form a master plan

Engineering Phase (Building of the System)

In order to build systems to well fit customers’ business and field environments, we discuss with the customers sufficiently and understand their needs before we start the related designing works.
Further, TKSL can be one-window to promote all the works for the project, selecting the most suitable constructors and procuring the necessary equipment on behalf of the customer.

Content of works

  • System analysis
  • System design
  • Operational system design of distribution center
  • Information Technology design
  • Material handling equipment Design
  • Fabrication and procurement
  • Installation
  • Commisioning and education/training on operation

Operation, Support, and Maintenance

Operation, Education/Training on operation and maintenance.

Even after the operation starts, we support our customers to maintain the stable operations of the system through compiling its operation manual and holding study sessions.

Content of works

  • Compile the operation manual
  • Conduct the preventive maintenance
  • System’s improvement at the field level


Example of co-working between the customer and TKSL at Engineering Phase.

Example of co-working between the customer and TKSL in Engineering Phase
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