High Speed, Labor and Space Saving
Innovative Solution


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GP3 (Goods to Person for Pick and Pack) utilizes a multi-shuttle to integrate product picking, packing, and labeling into one continuous process. Saves on labor and drastically improves efficiency of distribution center operations.


Space Saving, Less Equipment Cost

Picking, packing and labeling is done at the same station in a continuous process, saving space and time.

Compared to conventional GTP, complicated conveyors are not required so the footprint is about 40% smaller in addition to a 15% reduction in equipment cost.

Contributes to lower building construction costs and maintenance costs.

Dramatic Increase in Efficiency at Reduced Effort

There's no walking or looking for items to fulfill an order so labor and effort is drastically reduced.

The right product is delivered to the station at the right time, significantly increasing accuracy even with inexperienced workers.

Productivity Improvement

The order shipping carton and the items to fulfill the order are delivered to the station at the same time, which significantly improves efficiency.

Possible to achieve a 200% increase in productivity over the manual order picking with carts (comparison done by TKSL).


Optimal solution for Customers with the following challenges:

Multiple single items must be collected, packed and shipped.

A significant amount of manpower and time is required to handle a large variety of sizes and shapes of parcels.

Workers must walk to item location and then look for the item, a time-consuming and burdensome process.

Remembering item locations is cumbersome, leading to higher probability of picking errors.

Impossible to ensure social distance between workers.

Aside from picking space, a space dedicated to packing is also required.

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