Picking: The Transition to Robots from People
Ultra high-density storage and high-speed picking


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AutoStore can be readily expanded to meet additional requirements in volume of goods while improving efficiency. Yet space and labor is increasingly hard to come by. The AutoStore Automated Storage/Retrieval System is one complete order fulfillment system from intake, retrieval and picking to shipping.


We have verified the effectiveness of
AutoStore in our own operations at Wakayama Factory.


Storage locations were dispersed at two different locations in the factory. To pick parts for assembly, workers had to go from rack to rack to locate parts.


Now all parts are stored in one convenient location in AutoStore. The operator picks parts delivered to the workstation in sequence. Time spent to walk and find parts has been completely eliminated for a huge boost in productivity.


Ultra-High Density Storage

With AutoStore, the wasted space of aisles and racks is eliminated for an increase of 3 to 4 times more storage capacity than conventional ASRS solutions.

Maximize your bottom line with this highly flexible, cost effective solution even in expensive urban centers.

No-Walk Picking

Product is delivered directly to the operator for "no-walk picking."

Completely eliminate wasted walk time and drastically reduce pick time.

Maintaining social distance is not a problem with workers at set workstations.

Through the process of storing and retrieving, high running bins are naturally brought to the top of the storage grid for increasingly faster retrieval and delivery time.


Recommended customers

AutoStore is the ideal solution for customers with the following challenges.

Number of SKUs is increasing.

Need to increase capacity but space is limited.

Wasted space in regular racking installations.

Inventory is being stored in aisles and forklift lanes.

Want to streamline warehouse operations and decrease labor needs through automation.

Warehouse is located in high-rent area.

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