Exhibition: Retail Tech JAPAN Online 2021


We will exhibit at Retail Tech JAPAN Online 2021 through the online exhibition, Nikkei Messe Online.

Exhibition Name Nikkei Messe Online
Exhibition Venue Retail Tech JAPAN Online 2021
Exhibition Dates March 9, 2021 (Tuesday) 10:00 to March 12, 2021 (Friday) 17:00
Products Exhibited
  1. Multi-Shuttle System
    High speed, space-saving, Case Automatic Storage and Retrieval System. We are experienced in developing this system to meet diverse needs in many fields.
  2. AutoStore
    AutoStore is an ultra-high density, Automated Storage and Retrieval Storage System in which robots deliver containers to workstations for picking.
  3. Full-Line GTP
    By combining two systems, the Multi-Shuttle System and AutoStore, it's possible to optimize warehousing capacity while maintaining social distance among employees. Work that required 400 people can now be handled by 50 people.
  4. GP3
    Reduce effort, save space and labor by consolidating orders and packing in one place.
  5. Predictive Maintenance System
    Our system uses AI and IoT to predict machine trouble before it occurs, toward achieving non-stop logistics operations.
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