AutoStore New Robot Series "Black Line" released at Chiba Office


With the start of sales of the new AutoStore series "Black Line", we have introduced a demo machine at our Chiba office and made it available during our regular monthly tours.

The Black Line Robot, B1, represents a 20% increase in capacity over the conventional model, Red Line Robot, R5. Charging time is kept to a minimum because batteries to be charged are swapped out of the robot, instead of the robot itself sitting at the charger.

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However, due to ongoing Novel Coronavirus concerns, we are limiting the number of participants. Therefore, we many not be able to accommodate you on your desired date. We appreciate your understanding.

What is AutoStore?

AutoStore is an ultra-high density, Automated Storage and Retrieval Storage system in which robots deliver containers to workstations for picking. It is widely used around the world for improving efficiency in the logistics and warehousing industry given the high level of storage efficiency.
Toyo Kanetsu started selling the AutoStore in 2018, along with our full-line GTP (Goods-To-Person: No-Walk Picking) system, combining the AutoStore high density storage with a high speed Multi-Shuttle System for storage and retrieval.

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