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Introduced AutoStore to Wakayama Plant


TKSL introduced the AutoStore Automated Storage and Retrieval System to our own Wakayama Plant. TKSL became an AutoStore distributor in 2018. The addition will not only allow us to increase production but shorten lead-times.

  • Space devoted to storage was reduced to 1/3.
  • Lead-time for parts supply was reduced.
  • We are also developing new ways to utilize the AutoStore with our own unique WMS/WCS.

[Rendering] Scheduled to be completed in January 2021.

Installation area: 400㎡ Storage Bays: 4000 Number of robots: 12 Maximum capacity: 240 bins/hour.

What is AutoStore?

This ultra-high density, highly efficiency Automated Storage and Retrieval System has become known around the world for redefining logistics and warehousing operations. Toyo Kanetsu started selling the AutoStore in 2018, along with our Full-Line GTP (Goods-To-Person: No-Walk Picking) system, combining the AutoStore high density storage with a high speed Multi-Shuttle System for storage and retrieval.

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