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Baggage Handling System introduced to NAHA AIRPORT BUILDING CO., LTD.


With the sharp increase in the number of passengers from neighboring countries,Baggage Handling Systems (BHS) was newly introduced by “TOYO KANETSU SOLUTIONS K.K. (TKSL)” to NAHA Airport, which has two(2) systems for International Departure and each one(1) system for International Arrival and for Domestic Departure.
We have been contributing to the smoother operation and service of airport, a public transportation facility, by transporting passengers’ valuable baggage regularly and reliably with care and in safety.

Project Outline

Client's Goals

・Task (before the introduction of BHS)
 ●It was necessary for BHS to be introduced into a newly built
  international terminal.
 ●As the passengers have increased in number, BHS with
  higher working efficiency and user friendly was required.


・Effect (after the introduction of BHS)
 ●Contributed to the smooth operation of airport operation with BHS having
  expeditious and correct processing ability
 ●A high-efficient check-in service by transporting baggage for four(4)
  flights simultaneously

Products /Services introduced

Check-in Counter
Check-in Counter
Check-in Counter
Check-in Counter

Make-up Area (Domestic)
Make-up Area (Domestic)
Make-up Area (International)
Make-up Area (International)

Make-up Area (International)
Make-up Area (International)
Breakdown Area (International)
Breakdown Area (International)

Able to have realized the transportation of baggage of four(4) international flights for the simultaneous departure – High efficient baggage handling!

"Indeed a full operation is required at peak hour, but we have not faced any trouble and we are enjoying a smooth operation of the present BHS.
Reliability of system operation is the most important thing for a highly public airport service. In its sense, the stable operation of BHS is of great help for us.
Further, when we had to install this Baggage Handling System in a difficult condition, we could fully rely on the extensive knowledge which TOYO KANETSU SOLUTIONS has accumulated. TKSL has always responded to our requests swiftly with accuracy.
TKSL responds sincerely to any matter and daily undertakes every work most eagerly and we highly appreciate it."

says Yoshiyuki Yonamine
Business Planning Group, Planning Section/Project Department

This article is interviewed on January,2015.
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