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ISHIGAKI AIRTERMINAL CO., LTD. (Baggage Handling System)


“TOYO KANETSU SOLUTIONS K.K. (TKSL)” introduced four(4) Baggage Handling Systems (BHS) - two(2) systems for Domestic Arrival and each one(1) system for International Departure and Arrival for New Ishigaki Airport which was opened in March, 2014.
Airport is a public transportation facility with which no trouble is allowed to happen and the reliability of the system is required most.
With its trouble-free smooth operation and maintenance support, TKSL's BHS has been contributing a lot for the smooth operation of the new Airport.

Project Outline

Client's Goals

・Task (before the introduction of BHS)
 ●Highly reliable BHS had to be introduced.
 ●No adequate know-how has been accumulated for BHS at the time of
  opening of new airport


・Effect (after the introduction of BHS)
 ●highly reliable operation without any trouble since the airport was opened.
 ●Smooth transport of large quantity of passenger baggage
 ●stable operation under proper maintenance cooperating with TKSL

Products /Services introduced

Domestic Terminal
Domestic Terminal
Breakdown Area (Domestic )
Breakdown Area (Domestic )

Baggage Claim (Domestic)
Baggage Claim (Domestic)
International Terminal
International Terminal

Make-up Area (International )
Make-up Area (International )
Baggage Claim (International )
Baggage Claim (International )

No trouble has occurred with BHS since the opening of this Airport and it has contributed a great deal to the stable airport operation.

"After this airport was opened, we have not met any trouble with BHS.
TKSL’s flat type “Tri-Planner” works smoothly without any noise and without any trouble. We have never experienced any line stoppage.
Thanks to the support of TKSL and we have been really enjoying a smooth operation of the system. We really feel an appreciation for trouble-free and highly-reliable BHS supplied by TKSL."

says Gima Takashi, Chief - Facilities Division

This article is interviewed on January,2015.
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