Division Policy

Logistics Solutions Division Slogan

Become the power behind the logistics system of the future

The TOYO KANETSU Group's Management Vision is to become a Solution Innovator that solves social issues through innovative technology and execution capability. When we refer to "innovative technology", we mean the creation of new technological solutions that combine cutting-edge technology informed by our breadth of expertise not bound by conventional thinking. This commitment, supported by our capability to execute on new and difficult challenges without hesitation is why we have become a leader in industries we are active. The TOYO KANETSU Group slogan "ACTION FOR THE FUTURE: The ability to exceed expectations and become a force for the future" was chosen to express our commitment to meeting challenges head-on with innovative and creative thinking, and is supported by our experience and capability in execution of projects.

Along the same lines, the slogan for the Solutions Business Division, "ACTION FOR NEXT LOGISTICS: Become the power behind the logistics system of the future" expresses our commitment to addressing the challenges facing the world today with intelligent logistics solutions.

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Our Values

These are the principles that employees of the Logistics Solutions Division, together, uphold as extremely important in all their activities.

Customer Satisfaction
We not only take our customers'viewpoint, it guides our actions.
Technology / Quality
Persistent pursuit of innovative ideas and ever higher quality.
Striving to be a company and deliver products that our customers love.
Facing change fearlessly, meeting challenges with strength.
Dignity and Honor
Always consider and express the utmost gratitude to our customers and stakeholders.
Empower growth through teamwork every day.
Total Optimization
Decision-making geared toward achieving ambitious goals.
Encourage employees to take individual steps to reach their highest aspirations.
HR Development
Emphasis on the importance of developing our human resources.
Continue to learn in order to advance in every way.
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