Overview of TKSL

Trade name TOYO KANETSU K.K.
Business Unit Name Logistics Solutions Division (Logistics Division: Founded in 1955)
Overview of TKSL Our main business is planning, engineering, manufacturing, construction, sales, and maintenance of logistics and distribution systems.
Major Business Activities
  • Distribution Center Systems
  • Production Line Systems
  • Baggage Handling Systems
  • Postal Sorting Systems
  • Truck Terminal Systems
  • Food Distribution and Processing Center Systems
  • Food Manufacturing Systems
  • Apparel Handling Systems
  • Engineering, systems integration, peripheral equipment and construction of other types of systems.

TOYO KANETSU K.K. Company Profile

Business Overview Video


Wakayama Factory Video

Wakayama Plant is the manufacturing facility for material handling equipment that supports our logistics and distribution systems.
The plant is a full-line, one-stop production system, covering sheet metal fabrication to final assembly.
The plant is key in providing high quality products at short lead-times.

Our Logo


The "S" logo, which connects two wheels containing the four elements "Special, Speedy, Safety, and Send," are all concepts indispensable for the operation of a distribution center. We strive to be a partner to our customers, delivering "solutions" in a friendly, innovative way.
The two circles also represent the fusion of IT and logistics systems which is at the heart of our efforts to innovate toward improving the efficiency of distribution centers and delivering essential visual information about operations at all times.

Meaning of Corporate Colors

  • Light blue: change, liveliness, freshness, water
  • Navy blue: honesty, intellect, loyalty, progress
  • Black: comprehensiveness, standardization, strength

Introducing Our Mascot, Butsuryu

Mascot, Butsuryu

We use our mascot, Butsuryu, to make complex logistics systems easier to understand and more fun.
Butsuryu is a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a conveyor on its back and was named using a play on words from the Japanese words for "logistics" and "dinosaur."

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