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Site Policy

We appreciate you for visiting TOYO KANETSU SOLUTIONS K.K.. web site (hereinafter “the web site”)
Concerning your access to this website, we understand that you kindly confirm the following conditions and agree with them. Please also kindly note that we may change those conditions without prior notice.

Information on this Web site

In some cases, all the information we have disclosed is not posted and in some other cases, the information is differently expressed from what we have disclosed otherwise, and without prior notice, the information is possible to be changed or eliminated.

We are most careful when we post the information on this web site, but it is absolutely impossible for us to guarantee that the content of the information is correct or useful or valid.
Furthermore, we are not responsible for any damage caused by use or nonuse of the information posted here.

Privacy Policy

In visiting our web site, we may ask you to register your personal information for the purpose of providing you with our information. Personal information we obtain by this registration or by your use of our web site is treated strictly in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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