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Announcement of Business Alliance with TOYOTA INDUSTRIES CORPORATION


We are pleased to announce you that we have entered into a business alliance agreement with TOYOTA INDUSTRIES CORPORATION (President: Mr. Akira Onishi) today. Details are as follows.

1.Reason for Business Alliance

The core slogan of our company policy has long been “CUSTOMER FIRST !” and we have worked on building logistics system at all times to meet our customers’ various demands by introducing something better.
In recent years, the industry needs have shown a drastic change in many respects and it is our present mission to introduce a wide variety of “solutions” timely, responding flexibly to the diversified and sophisticated needs, as well as the change in the logistic environment.
With this business alliance, both the parties can mutually and effectively utilize the advantage and excellences of products of their other own, which will surely improve competitiveness and ability to form a confident business proposal of each party and/or both parties leading to providing customers with further high-value-added “solutions”.

2.Overview of the Alliance Partner

2) Established : Nov. 18, 1926
3) Address of head office : 2-1, Toyota-cho, Kariya-shi, Aichi., Japan
4) President : Akira Onishi
5) Business activities : Manufacture and sale of textile machinery, automobile,
materials handling equipment ,etc. as well as logistics business ,etc.

3. Future Outlook

Effect of the new business alliance said above on our business performance in this fiscal year and the next year will be minimal.

Sincerely yours,

Inquiry about this matter:

Keisuke Kodama, Associate Senior Corporate Executive Officer
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