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Message from the President

Developing new solutions to fully respond to the changing situation, we aim to be the true solution

In 1955, the Material Handling System Division of TOYO KANETSU K.K. started the business related to logistics market. Since then, we, TKSL have made every effort to provide customers with “something better” under the company policy of "Customers First". TKSL have always responded to the demands from the customers.

In the current economical circumstances with unpredictable future, productivity improvement and streamlining of operations are becoming the biggest task for the customers. They need to flexibly correspond to the fluctuating volume of materials handled.

In order to respond to this task, TKSL is developing new solutions making full use of the simple type of material handling facility with the lower initial cost. Now, TKSL is no longer sticking to the conventional business style simply to emphasize a focus on straight mechanization.

Customers’ another important task is the ecological preservation, namely how to reduce the effects on the environment. TKSL contributes to environmental conservation with our "Ecoloveyor"; a conveyor which reduces power by half consumption and to lower the price compared to conventional products. We also contribute to environmental conservation with "Labeloop". This enables to recycle labels and reduces wastes in order to rewrite many times on the same label.

With the spirit of “Customers First” which TKSL has long respected since its formation, all the employees of TKSL works together day by day aiming to be the true solution provider.

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