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Corporate History

For half a century since 1955, when we have started the production and the sales of “Toyo Conveyor”. We have continued to provide material handling system and contributed to the customers' development from various business fields.

In the 1950s and 1970s


Established Yokohama Conveyor Factory and started the production and the sales of “Toyo Conveyor”


Technical tie-up with Rapistan, a company in the U.S.


Delivered a distribution center to a large-scale retailer (Fuchu Center of Seiyu Store)


Deliverd BHS (Baggage Handling System) to New Tokyo International Airport (Narita Airport)


Delivered a Japan's first high-speed sorting system to a large-scale retail industry (Saitama Center of Ito-Yokado)

In the 1980s


Advanced into foreign markets
Delivered BHS to Manila New International Airport and Changi New International Airport
Started selling Pick-to-Light System, PICKDIRECTOR(First introduction in Japan)


Undertook and delivered the integrated engineering works for the most large-sized distribution center for a mass sales store with computer-controlled technology and material handling information system at the core(Nada-Kobe Co-op / Kanagawa Co-op)

Formed a technical tie-up with Alvey Inc.(U.S.) and introduced its high performance Palletizing System


Delivered the "Robotic Stacker Crane System" to "IBM" which is equipped with a microcomputer developed for the use in a cleanroom

Delivered "Max Sorter", the largest scale automatic sorting system in the East (Komaki Distribution Center of Chukyo Sagawa Express Co., Ltd.)


Delivered the full-scale processing center for daily delivery foods, the first center in Japan(Ishikari Food Factory of Co-op Shimin Seikyo Sapporo)


Delivered an automatic storage and retrieval system AS/RS (Haneda Power Plant Factory of Japan Airlines)


Obtained an exclusive domestic sales rights for "Hanger Sorter" from a Dutch company Promec Inc., and advanced into apparel distribution industry

In the 1990s


Delivered the world's most advanced postal bucket handling system to New Tokyo Post Office


Delivered BHS to "The Second Passenger Terminal" of The New Tokyo International Airport (Narita Airport)


Delivered BHS and other facilities to handle airmail and air cargo of the "West Passenger Terminal" of Tokyo International Airport ( Haneda Airport)

Delivered "New Posisorter", world’s first ultra-high-speed sorting machine equipped with electromagnetic switch(Fuchu Center of Seiyu Ltd., Yokohama RDC of Daiei Logistics Systems)


Obtained an exclusive domestic sales rights for "Automatic Picking Machine" from PEEM GmbH、an Austrian company


Received a package order from consultation of the internal equipment to designing and constructing of the large-scale food process center (COCO’S JAPAN CO., LTD.)


Delivered a first one and only logistics system of a large-scale flower auction using a conveyor method(Kyushu Nikkan Shokubutsu)

Received the Logistics Grand Prize – Technology Prize Developed and delivered “Miniposi Sorter”, a high-precision machine to sort the small articles.


Delivered an automatic cigarette picking system (Tokyo Tobacco Service / Chubu Tobacco Service / Kansai Tobacco Service / Kyushu Tobacco Service)

Delivered “Parallel Sorter”, a machine with the same level capacity even with the speed reduced by 25%, to a large-scale truck terminal (Sagawa Express Co., Ltd.)

Delivered the world’s largest class BHS to Kuala Lumpur International Airport(KLIA)


Obtained ISO9001 certification

Formed a business tie-up, which was the first cross-industrial tie-up in Japan, with Exe Technologies (present SSA Global Technologies), who has achieved in many satisfactory results relating to WMS (Warehouse Management System)

In the 2000s


Delivered material handling system to Askul Corporation, the major mail order company for office equipment and supplies
In this connection, jointly won Logistics Grand Prize on the theme of “Evolutionary Theory of Askul’s Logistics” with Askul Corporation and Hitachi, Ltd.


Delivered a material handling system rebuilt with introduction of hight-leveled IT technology from Co-op Kobe and in this connection, jointly received Prize of Excellence of Automatic Recognition Grand Prize with Co-op Kobe


Formed a strategic business tie-up with Siemens Dematic

TOYO KANETSU K.K. reorganized its Material Handling System Division into a separate company, TOYO KANETSU SOLUTIONS K.K.(TKSL)


Renewed truck terminal into an airless and energy saving system (Nippon Express Co., Ltd.)


Developed and delivered the next generation allocating system, Climbing Sorter

Delivered BHS to "The Second Passenger Terminal" of Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport)


Delivered BHS to Chubu International Airport

Established “HP RFID Noisy Labo・Japan” at TKSL's Chiba Office


Obtained ISO 14001 certification


Established “KANETSU WORLD” at TKSL's Chiba Office (Have already finished the activity)


Concluded “Golden Partner Contract” with Reva Systems Ltd.(now Odin Ltd.), a US company

Formed a business tie-up for the sales of voice-recognition system with C-Net Corporation

Formed a business tie-up with Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering Corporation

In the 2010s


Developed and delivered "Multishuttle", an automatic warehouse system hacing four functions of storage, picking, replenishment and sorting


Delivered to an electronics components manufacturer the system which put together parts supply all over Japan and realized just-in-time delivery


Delivered Multi-shuttle automatic storage and retrieval system to a company servicing collection and delivery of money


Delivered BHS(Baggage Handling System) for expansion of international flights at Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport)


The headquarter relocated to mark the 75th anniversary of the foundation of Toyo Kanetsu K.K.

Delivered GTP (Goods To Person: one place picking) performed with Multishuttle® to the major internet order company on a full scale as the first case in the country.

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