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Environmental Activities

At TOYO KANETSU SOLUTIONS K.K, every employee recognizes well the fact that our business activities such as designing, manufacturing, selling and constructing of the material handling systems have been influencing the global environment and we are making efforts to preserve the environment and to keep improving our own environmental management system.

Environmental Policy

  • To reduce the effects on the environment and to prevent the environmental pollution.
  • To abide by the applicable laws in connection with environmental issues sourced from our business activities and other legal requirements.
  • To focus particularly on the following points in our business activities and make full use of the related effective environmental technology.

    ・Energy and power savings.
    ・Promotion of recycling and reuse / reduction of waste.
    ・Recycling of resources.
    ・Improvement of products in conformity with the environmental assessment.
    ・Promotion of green procurement.
  • To let all the employees and other people working for our company know well about our Environmental Policy and to raise their awareness about the effects on the environment.
  • To publicly announce this Environmental Policy.

September 1, 2005

Environmental Activities of TOYO KANETSU SOLUTIONS

Recycling the materials sourced in the processes from manufacturing to installation of our products

J Fook   Reaction Wood

Under the slogan of “3Rs” (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), we have been making efforts to reuse materials sourced in the processes from manufacturing to installation of our products and those sourced from packing works.

Development of ecological material handling systems giving due considerations to Environment

We have been developing environment-conscious products like material handling system with reduced power consumption.

Posting environmental information

Once in two months we issue internal house organ in which environmental information and our related activities are taken up and post it on a bulletin board in all the offices of TOYO KANETSU Group companies.

Activities to separate the refuse

In order to share the garbage-disposal problem, we separate the refuse from our offices/plants, measure it and record it and we are raising the awareness of each employee about preservation of the environment.

Cleanup Activity around the offices/plants

Once in three months, employees take part in a cleaning activities around the offices/plants.

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